Tools and Techniques for Basic Creativity Training for Postgraduate Students (72802)

Session Information: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis (Workshops)
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Thursday, 21 September 2023 10:20
Session: Session 1
Room: Sants
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This workshop is designed to provide comprehensive training in a range of activities, games, and challenges that effectively enhance students' creativity. Recognizing that all individuals possess creative abilities that may not have been fully nurtured or stimulated in formal education, this workshop examines the fundamental creative traits necessary for generating innovative ideas in the future. It is important to note that this workshop does not focus on specific creative tools and techniques such as SCAMPER, the six hats, or others. Instead, it aims to cultivate the underlying skills required to effectively utilize these creativity tools. By encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones, engaging them in playful activities, and providing ample practice opportunities, they can develop their innate capacities for creative thinking, including the abilities to connect ideas, associate concepts, and employ lateral thinking. Ultimately, the goal of this workshop is to equip professors and instructors with the tools to help students unleash their creative superpowers, while simultaneously reinforcing the idea that every individual has the potential for creativity.

Bethlem Boronat, EAE Business School, Spain

About the Presenter(s)
Dr. Bethlem Boronat is associate professor at EAE Business School Madrid. She works and researches on the creative side of communication and more precisely, on the basic traits to train creativity, specially in postgraduate students.

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