Emilienne Malfatto


Emilienne Malfatto is an independent documentary photographer. She focuses on post-conflict and social issues, especially in Iraq, developing long-term projects that allow her to have depth and closeness with her subjects.

She studied in France and Colombia and graduated from Sciences Po Paris. She then joined Agence France Presse (AFP) and worked in France and in the Middle East. In early 2015 she moved to northern Iraq as a freelancer. She now works mostly in Iraq, with occasional reporting in Latin America and elsewhere.

Emilienne's work has been exhibited internationally and featured by The Washington Post, The New York Times’ Lens blog, UNESCO, MSF and Le Monde, among others.

Emilienne is the Grand Prize Winner of the 2019 IAFOR Documentary Photography Award.


Panel Presentation (2020): Embracing Difference: The Work of Art

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