Accepted Presentations

One of the greatest strengths of IAFOR’s international conferences is their international and intercultural diversity. As of July 11, 2024, BAMC2024 has received over 230 submissions from 39 countries and territories - including: Brazil, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the UAE, the UK, and the United States.

The following submissions have been accepted for presentation at BAMC2024.

Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations
- From Pixels to Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneur: A Techno-Affective Study of Lil Miquela’s Instagram Posts

Aesthetics and Design
- A New Digital and Innovative Design District – The Site-specific Project that Regenerates (and Includes) Genoa’s Historic Center
- Aesthetics and Sustainability in Textile Design
- Authorship and Craft in Glass Design from Portugal
- Establishing an Aesthetic Decision Support System for Automotive Design Through Styling Stance
- Exploring the Morphological Aesthetics of Sound: Insights from Cymatics and Sandboxes
- New Ways of Living the Domestic Environment: An Analysis of Flexible Design with the Proposal of an Experimental Case Study

Ageing Studies
- Ending Notes and Shūkatsu: Perceptions and Views on Aging and End-of-Life Planning in Japan
- Enhancing Communication and Interaction Through Playful Cultural Probes: A Workshop on Cognitive Stimulation Through Participatory Design

Architecture and Urban Studies/Design
- Experiencing the Light of Aalto and Siza: The Significance of Travel in the Phenomenological Education of the Contemporary Architecture Student
- Manuscripts and Minarets: Exploring the Symbiosis of Javanese Textual Traditions and Islamic Urban Landscape
- The Starbucks Tondo Community Store and Its Potential to Shape Future Cities in the Philippines and Asia
- Ties Between the Material Expression and Politico-Cultural Configurations and Ideologies in Gardens (Case Study: The Fin Garden in Iran)

Area Studies
- Assessing “The Toad”: Satires, Acquiescence, and Political Stability in Contemporary China

Arts Practices
- Artist Led Cultural Project in Rural China: Socially Engaged Art and Cultural Citizenship
- For Seeing the Sea Sometimes Is Better to Close One’s Eyes: Tongues to Name the Landscape that Grows Unseen
- Narrative Film Practice as Research and Knowledge Exchange: A Case Study of ‘The Building’ (20 Minute Short Drama)
- The Map Is not the Territory but Intends to Define It
- Urban Policies and Art-based Gentrification in the Current Global Social and Economic Crisis: The Case of Athens, Greece
- Urban Policies and Cultural Transformations in the Current Global Social and Economic Crisis: The Case of Athens, Greece

Climate Change and Arts, Media, Culture
- ‘The Green Battle in the Media’: Visual Claimsmaking in Nigeria’s Green Digital Public Sphere
- Exploring Young Adults’ Climate Change Awareness and Their Readiness to Adopt Ecological Eating Behaviours: Evidence from Indonesia
- Navigating Uncertainty. A Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 Articles Published by General Interest vs Science-Focused Outlets
- Sustainability and Experimentalism in the Same Equation: Creative Processes in Jewellery Design

- Apply Now! Effective Recruitment Communication and Job Ad Application Intention Among Young Job Seekers
- Assessing the Communication Infrastructure in Segregated Neighbourhoods and Regrouping in Post-Conflict Communities in Jos, Nigeria
- Communicating Legitimacy: Sustainability as a Basis of Legitimacy in Institutional Theory
- Depression Narratives in Soap Operas
- Freedom of Speech? Coverage of Indonesia’s ‘Information and Electronic Transactions’ Law in Indigenous Online News Media
- News Credibility and Undergraduates from Europe and the West
- Social Media Use and Psychological States Among South Korean Youth: A Two-Wave Panel Study
- Unveiling the Relationship Between Dark Triad Personality and Online Hate Perpetration: The Interplay of Depression and Social Media Usage

Cultural Studies
- “What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am?”: Paul Weller, Pop Music, and The Modern
- Between Art and Revolution: Rethinking Japanese Zines as an Extension of Mini-Komi
- Cultural Strategies of Indonesia’s Sandwich Generation in the Digital Spotlight
- Decoding Identity: Navigating Digital Epistemology of Guardian/Threat Binary Within the Military Entertainment Complex
- Identity Struggles, and Halal Lifestyle of Transnational Migrants: Diaspora and Islamic Cosmopolitanism in Indonesian Popular Fiction
- Restorative Justice and Cultural Resilience: Investigating the Manuvu Judicial System
- The Body as an Artistic Support: From Body Paints to the Tattoos I Have Got in my Life
- The Effects on Foreign Students of the Multicultural Education Policy in Taiwan
- The Emergence of Secular Spaces in Kerala’s Cultural Sphere: Role of Transformative Dramas and the Caste Question in the 1930s
- Traditional Chieftaincy Institution and Christianity: An Appraisal
- Unveiling Valor: Local Resistance Movements Against Japanese Occupation in Siquijor

- Effects of Immigration on Family Separations in East Africa Case Study of Rwanda (1994 Immigrations)

Digital Humanities
- A Qualitative Study of Why Digital Native Mothers Engage in ‘Sharenting’ and Their Perceptions of Children’s Online Privacy
- Exploring the Meaning Creation and Transfer of Consumer Goods: Cases of Different Communities on Social Media
- Integrating Practice-Based Research with Generative AI in Sociocultural Semiotics: Insights from Theorists

Education / Pedagogy
- Assessing the Feasibility of a Neuromotor Movement Programme in a New Zealand Early Childhood Centre: A Pilot Randomised Control Trial
- Developing a Course in a P-12 Doctoral Leadership Program to Support Disability Education
- Effectiveness of Content-Rich Songs as Supplemental Tools to Enhance Learners’ Interest and Retention in Elementary Chemistry Classroom
- Evolution of Creativity Research in Cross-Cultural Fields: A Bibliometric Analysis
- Exploring Sustainable Design Education by Integrating Game Strategies and Technologies Tools in the Design Classroom
- Hispanic Culture in the Classroom: Exploring Cultural Elements in Thai Secondary School Curriculum Materials
- Impact Assessment of Education-on-Wheels Program of Polytechnic University of the Philippines
- Is Vertical Studio Teaching an Innovation for Architectural Education?
- Pedagogy in Higher Education: Paradigmatic Reinvention of Learning Processes
- Perceived Skills Acquisition Needs of Agricultural Students in Public Colleges of Education in Kwara State, Nigeria
- The Cultural Intelligence of School Counselors and Their Multicultural and Language Exposure: A Expanding Cultural Horizons in Educational Environments
- The Views of Professionals Regarding Transition Services for Families with Intellectual Disabilities in Saudi Arabia

Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
- Becoming Aware
- Ethnography of Nationalism on the Indonesia-Malaysia Border: Dynamics of Transnational Identity in the Study of Culture, Art, and Citizenship

Film Studies
- (In)visibility Matters: Unraveling the Myths and Countermyths of HIV/AIDS Trope Through the Film Kalel, 15
- Cinematic Technology and Narrative Progress: The Role of Song Interludes in Communicating Socio-scientific Concepts
- Mythic-Historical Elements and the Evolution of the Image of Dracula in Popular Culture: The Case Study of Dracula Untold
- Sexuality and Power Transferability Within African Culture Spaces: An Interrogation of Femininity Through Movie Lenses
- The Emergence of Family Films in Malayalam Cinema: Drivers and Deliberations
- The Evolution of Stepmother in Indian Cinema
- Toward an Invisible Archive of Norma Jeane: Re-visioning Creativity, Mental Health, Rage, & Women’s Desire in Hollywood

Gender, Sexuality and Culture
- Concerns and Prejudices about Culture and Tradition in the Trajectories of Gender Differences and Power in Africa
- Contribution of Women Empowernment on Community Development in Rwanda Case Study of Kigali City
- Navigating the Colonial Crisis: Unveiling the Agency of Amazigh Women During French Colonial Intervention in Morocco
- Producing a Spectacle: the Regulation of Sexuality in the Media
- Resisting Intersectional Oppression: A Transnational Feminist Study of Selected Testimonial Narratives of Minority Women

Linguistics, Language and Cultural Studies
- Challenges Face Exegetists in Rendering Quranic Euphemistic Expressions into English

Literature, Literary Studies and Theory
- Postcolonial Persona in Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion
- Reading Tahar Djaout’s Selected Novels Through Plato’s Republic
- The Post-Soviet Era Through the Eyes of Georgian Authors of the 21st Century

Media Studies
- “The Real or Ideal Me?” Self-representation, Self-surveillance, and Self-exclusion in Religious Women’s Expressions of Identity on Instagram
- Comparing the Marvel Masculinities of Black and Asian Superhero Characters
- Deconstructing Women’s Representation in Philippine TV Advertisements: A Barthesian Semiological Approach Analysis
- Developing Secure Social Media Platforms for Adolescents: An Analytical Review of Literature
- Ethical Dilemmas Related to Image- and Text-Generating Artificial Intelligence from a Hungarian Perspective
- Exploring the Role of Females in Media
- Lesbianities on Display: Juliana Linhares’ (Re)soundexperience on Her Premier Album, “Nordeste Ficção”
- Media Framing the Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Comparative Study of Fox News and Al Jazeera
- Parents’ Perception of Media Coverage of Down Syndrome: Implications on Stereotypical Beliefs in North Central Nigeria
- Passion or Paradigm? Unveiling the Driving Forces Behind Choosing the Media Research Topic: Qualitative Insights from Arab Researchers
- Serendipity or Bad Blood? Cohesion and Conflict in Global Music-Based Fandoms
- Social Media Usage Patterns and Predictors: A Comparative Study of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
- Social Reality vs Mediated Reality: A Case Study of a Female Pakistani TikToker
- The Social Media Impact on Sri Lankan Migrations During the Recent Two Years

- Representation of Marginalised in Indian Cinema: A Critical Study

Performing Arts Practices: Theater, Dance, Music
- Musical Works Gerattak Semate: Syncretism Representation of Sambas Malay Timang Bubu’s Game
- Traveling Present-Day Géwëls: Changing Tradition and Performance Innovations from Senegal

Politics and Philosophy
- Science Diplomacy as a Tool to Increase Political Ties Between Developing Countries in the Post COVID19 International Scenario

Sexuality, Gender, Families
- From Tokyo to Paris: The Portrayal of Motherhood Among Female Olympic Athletes in the Spanish Press Between 2021 and 2024

- A Study on Biographies of the Garo Community in Terms of Colonial Cultural Invasion and Modernity

Visual Culture
- Beyond Cut and Paste: Collage as Feminist Critique
- Immersive Museums “Immersive and Gamified Techniques for Teaching Persian History”
- On American Suburbia: Politics of Space in 1980’s Music Videos
- The Roles of Design in Face of Health Disinformation and Radicalisation: Towards a Tactical Taxonomy for Prevention and Minimisation