Do We Look Back to Move Forward?

“Do We Look Back to Move Forward?” by Shirley Steinberg of the University of Calgary, Canada, has been announced as a keynote to be presented at The 3rd Barcelona Conference on Arts, Media & Culture (BAMC2022) and The 3rd Barcelona Conference on Education (BCE2022).

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Do We Look Back to Move Forward?
Bouncing Back, Back to Normal, Building Back

During the past 32 months, many have noted their desire to return to normal or create a “new normal”. A critical theoretical lens suggests that shedding romanticised notions of the past and old definitions of societal norms challenge us to consider making new ways in which to move forward after the global pandemic. How do we create a post-pandemic equitable, diverse, and inclusive world? How do we work with our students to not criticise the old, the past, and the "before" pandemic world but to use honest / reflective critique to articulate what must change to sustain the viability of our world? How do we educate for reality and reflection as to what didn’t work in those “norms” that we seem to be mourning?

Speaker Biography

Shirley Steinberg
University of Calgary, Canada

Shirley Steinberg, University of CanadaAn innovative teacher educator and critical pedagogy scholar committed to diversity, inclusion, interdisciplinarity, and shared vision, Steinberg’s scholarship has contributed to the notions of Critical Multiculturalism and Diversity, Critical Bricolage, Critical Youth Studies, and Kinderculture. Her commitment to equity and social justice is internationally disseminated. She currently holds the Werklund Research Chair of Critical Youth Studies at the University of Calgary. Steinberg is the author or editor of over 50 books and is the Whitworth Award Winner for Career Education Research Excellence 2019-2022. She is the director/writer of films relating to education and critical ways of knowing and is the winner of 17 festival awards for a collaborative film: Elders' Room, made with Kainai First Nation.

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