Exploring Learner Experiences: Integrating Global Citizenship in English Lessons Through Phenomenon-Based Learning (74222)

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This study explored Global Citizenship Education (GCED) as a transformational educational breakthrough that offered a new educational viewpoint on understanding the problems with multiculturalism and national citizenship deficits in varied communities. By using Phenomenon-Based Learning for GCED integration in the English topic utilizing different local and global issues, we aimed to describe the learner’s experiences in learning global citizenship concepts. Specifically, the paper described the GCED-enriched lessons using phenomenon-based learning and determined the applied GCED pedagogical principles, the learner’s understanding of GCED core notions through local and global phenomena, the learner’s attitude toward the strategies used and the learner’s experiences in GCED-enriched lessons. A descriptive-evaluative method was used in this study. Documentary analysis to describe and assess the instructional practices on GCED at the elementary level of the Bicol University College of Education Integrated Laboratory School provided the data on varied experiences of the learners. The findings revealed that the English lessons explicitly include learning tasks tackling specific GCED competencies, and they demonstrate the application of various pedagogical principles. It is evident on students’ outputs that they have demonstrated their understanding of GCED core notions through local and global phenomena. The encounters were fascinating, novel, pertinent, eye-opening, and entertaining. They valued the methods used to incorporate GCED topics into their English classes by utilizing phenomenon-based learning. The relevance of learner-centered, genuine, and interdisciplinary practices is highlighted in these findings, which add to the expanding body of research on effective pedagogical techniques for building global citizenship abilities.

Sixto Orzales, Bicol University, Philippines
Rebecca Rosario Bercasio, Bicol University, Philippines

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Mr Sixto Orzales is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Bicol University in Philippines

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