Transitioning to Professional Status: St. Catharine’s Teachers’ College: Student Lives in the 1960s and 1970s (73543)

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Wednesday, 20 September 2023 16:00
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Teacher Education in Canada underwent significant changes in the post-World War II era. Student numbers increased immensely due to government policy and a post war baby boom. Entrance requirements for teacher training changed (became more rigorous), the content and context of teacher preparation programs shifted as insights from new progressive education disciplines were integrated more fully, and as teacher training was integrated with university education. Teaching was feminized by the early 20th century, yet there remained significant challenges for women to be fully respected as professionals. In the mid-1960s, the demographic shift, increased educational and occupational opportunities, and a professionalized cohort altered who became teachers while maintaining gender divides. Drawing on research on student life and archival materials at Brock University, Teachers College yearbooks, student newspapers and local newspaper archives, we analysed who attended the St. Catharines' Teachers' College, student life during their professional training, and how they connected with Brock students. In this research, we sought to understand the dynamics of teacher education at a newly established teachers' college (1965) and new university (1964) in a small Ontario city. The outcomes of the research (to be completed in August 2023) are anticipated to show that those who attended the St. Catharines' Teachers College were, primarily, single women, aged 18-23, who lived in close proximity to the college. We anticipate that, drawing on visual archives, student life shifted from a rigid environment to one that was more informal and more align to student life at the university.

Michael Owen, Brock University, Canada
Mateo Villegas Palacios, Brock University, Canada

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