Fostering Interpersonal Qualities and Mental Health of Students in Higher Education via Therapeutic Art Activities (72668)

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Background: Students of higher education experience a re-centering process (a shifting from being dependent on parental guidance to becoming independent individual in a larger social context). They tend to experience high stress and anxiety which put them at risk of mental disorders. Objectives: This study aimed to foster interpersonal qualities that are expected to facilitate the re-centering process. It also aimed to promote self-efficacy and psychological well-being so that student would cope with their stress and anxiety with resilience. Methods: Therapeutic arts activities (e.g., image theatre, short play, cookery, serving, pastel painting, and letter writing) were designed and organized as a 1-day workshop. Four groups of workshops (each with 14 to 20 students) were run over a period of four weekends by eight social workers, officers of students’ affairs, and trained academic staff. A total of 443 students (mean age = 20.5, SD = 3.7) participated in the workshops, through which they learned the values of positive interpersonal qualities and explored how the qualities could be displayed in challenging situations. They also learned to observe their inner self, to establish group identity, to be cooperative, and to serve others. Results: Positive changes in interpersonal qualities of caring, responsibility, perseverance, and integrity were observed [F (1, 441) = 5.33 to 35.50, p < .05 to p <.001; Cohen’s d = .08 to .24]. Self-efficacy and psychological well-being were significantly promoted [F (1, 441) = 9.40 to 117.05, p < .01 to p < .001; Cohen’s d = 0.15 to 0.44]. Conclusions: The findings supported the effectiveness of therapeutic art activities in promoting interpersonal qualities, self-efficacy, and psychological well-being. Limitations of the study and implications of the findings for higher education were discussed.

Hoi Nga Ng, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong

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Dr Hoi Nga Ng is a University Professor/Principal Lecturer at Caritas Institute of Higher Education in Hong Kong

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