Baden Offord


Baden Offord holds the Dr Haruhisa Handa Chair of Human Rights, is a Research Professor in Cultural Studies and Human Rights, and is Director of the Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University. An internationally recognized specialist in human rights, sexuality, culture and education, he works across Australian, Cultural and Asian Studies. His work includes the co-authored book Inside Australian Culture: Legacies of Enlightenment Values (Anthem, London: 2015); Towards Inanition: Diminishing the Humanities, Communications and Arts at Our Peril (2020) and "Beyond our Nuclear Engagement: love, nuclear pain and the whole damn thing." Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 22 (3): 17-25. (2017). He is an Adjunct Professor at Southern Cross University, and has previously been a Visiting Professor at the University of Barcelona and also Chair (Visiting Professor) in Australian Studies in the Centre for Pacific and American Studies at the University of Tokyo.

Professor Offord is a member of IAFOR’s Academic Governing Board. He is Chair of the Cultural & Area Studies section of the International Academic Advisory Board.

Keynote Presentation (2020): The Relevance of the Humanities and Arts in Uncertain Times

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