Brexit, Borders and the Gibraltarian Voice: a Conversation With M.G.Sanchez

In this session Dr Isabel Alonso Breto of the University of Barcelona will be chatting with M. G. Sanchez, Gibraltar’s most well-known novelist. Sanchez – who holds a PhD in English Literature from the University of Leeds – is the author of fourteen books with a Gibraltar theme, including six novels (The Escape Artist, Solitude House, Jonathan Gallardo, Diary of a Victorian Colonial, The Fetishist and Gooseman) and three autobiographical memoirs (Past, Bombay Journal and Border Control). Alonso and Sanchez will be discussing borders, Brexit and narrative voices in The Fetishist, the author’s latest novel (due to be published in October 2021), as well as looking at some of the broader challenges and obstacles faced by writers coming from contested micro-territories.

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