Exploring the Key Determinants of Computer Science Identity Drivers in the Arab World (74281)

Session Information: Higher Education
Session Chair: Mzia Tsereteli

Friday, 22 September 2023 12:40
Session: Session 2
Room: Eixample
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The role of Information communication and technology (ICT) has become undebatable in recent years with the increased integration of technology in every sector and industry. ICT and computer science (CS) are emerging disciplines that favor the youth in Qatar, as reflected through the enrollment expansion of students in computer science-based undergraduate courses at Qatar University. An average of 140 % increment in the enrollment of young students per annum, notably national students, in the CS or Computer engineering (CE) based undergraduate courses have been recorded in the past five years. This trend opposes the commonly observed notion, of “STEM fear” that is witnessed in the enrollment of students in other engineering disciplines at the public university in Qatar. Hence, a survey-based quantitative study was conducted on undergraduate students from CS/CE majors to explore and identify the key drivers that enhance the student’s participation in CS courses. Diverse statistical tests were implemented to quantitatively gauge the predictors which affect students’ CS interests and career-based interests. Findings indicated that students’ individual interests do play a causal role in aspects like defining their careers, either planning for postgraduate courses or being employed. The survey results also offered insights into the role of high school education and family support as different predictors that determine their decision in university course enrollment. These inferences present principal implications for educational researchers and decision-makers to develop a computing identity framework that could be mirrored in other undergraduate disciplines that display lower student enrollment and persistence.

Zubair Ahmad, Qatar University, Qatar
Nitha Siby, Qatar University, Qatar
Mohammad Ammar, Qatar University, Qatar
Noora Jabor Al-thani, Qatar University, Qatar
Abdellatif Sellami, Qatar University, Qatar

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Zubair Ahmad is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Qatar University in Qatar

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