Student-Produced Videos as a Form of Assessment in Economics (74038)

Session Information: Assessment Theories & Methodologies
Session Chair: Ia Aptarashvili

Friday, 22 September 2023 10:20
Session: Session 1
Room: Nova Icaria
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Assessing technical modules has become a major challenge due to the rise of online exams and the increasing use of AI technologies. It is also uncertain whether traditional paper-based exams can accurately evaluate students' understanding and knowledge acquired throughout the course. This paper argues that student-produced videos are an effective means of tackling these issues. At King's Business School, first-year undergraduate students' knowledge of two large technical modules has been evaluated using a combination of video assessment and timed written exams for the past three years. The video component required students to record a 5-minute video demonstrating their problem-solving skills with detailed calculations and explanations. Clear instructions on completing the video assessment, along with marking criteria, example videos, and practice sessions, were provided to students. The data collected from 1490 students show a significant positive correlation between the two types of assessments. This means that students who did well in the written component also did well in the video assessment, suggesting that the video assessment does not disadvantage any students. The correlation coefficient is below 1, meaning the two assessment forms measure different aspects of knowledge. A survey was conducted to gather student feedback on video assessments. Results indicate that videos are an effective tool for evaluating understanding. This is especially valuable for technical subjects, as online exams and the increasing use of AI can make it challenging to assess problem-solving skills accurately. Additionally, video assessments allow students to improve their communication, time management, and planning abilities.

Cheng Cheng, King's College London, United Kingdom
Dimitrios Minos, King's College London, United Kingdom

About the Presenter(s)
Dr Cheng Cheng is a University Assistant Professor/Lecturer at King's College London in United Kingdom

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