Costume, Culture, and Congruence: Identification and Representation of Self via Costume Play (72877)

Session Information: Communication
Session Chair: Thomas Endres

Friday, 22 September 2023 10:45
Session: Session 1
Room: Gracia
Presentation Type:Oral Presentation

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Some assume that “putting on a costume” allows you to dress as someone you are not. In his new photo-ethnographic book My Costume, Myself: Celebrating Stories of Cosplay and Beyond (Kirk House, May 2023), Endres argues that putting on a costume allows you to explore existing facets of your personality that normally are muted. This presentation takes a closer look at that publication, beginning with its comprehensive literature review, and narrows the focus to ask, “In what ways can costumes be used to express and experiment with cultural factors like age, ethnicity, body size, religion, and, in particular, cultural identifiers such as gender/orientation and levels of ability/disability?” Highlighting extant research in the book, stories and photos will then be shared from select interviews throughout the publication which focus most on message displays of diversity and inclusion in self-identification. As a U.S. publication, the qualitative thick-description ethnography is western-focused, though a discussion of global participation will be included. Following this review, conclusions will address the efficacy of costume use in personal and cultural display, suggested behavioral protocols, and an examination of the balance between “appropriate and appropriation” in costume messages.

Thomas Endres, University of Northern Colorado, United States

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