An Alternative Approach to Working with Assessment in School – How to Make Students Profit from Teachers’ Feedback (71627)

Session Information: Assessment Theories & Methodologies
Session Chair: Ia Aptarashvili

Friday, 22 September 2023 10:45
Session: Session 1
Room: Nova Icaria
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There has been a programme on assessment for learning in Norwegian schools running for years, and this has resulted in teachers putting much effort into making criteria lists and giving thorough feedback to students. One element of the programme that may have been less prioritized is the involvement of students in the assessment work. This study reports on experiences from a psychology class in secondary school, where the students were engaged in assessment processes by applying the following questions: 1) Why is it important with assessments during the learning process? 2) What types of feedback do you profit most from and become motivated by? 3) When is it challenging to understand feedback? 4) What do you want to focus on when you receive feedback? 5) How will you follow up the feedback from the teacher so that you can learn from it? The students reported that they wanted more oral feedback, as written feedback was often difficult to understand, and that they needed time to work with improving what they planned to focus on. The teacher followed up on the students’ preferences in the following assessment process, and evaluations from students showed that of 22 students, 18 agreed that participating in the assessment work helped them understand the teacher’s feedback, find out what was important for them to work on and develop their skills in the subject. Furthermore, 17 agreed that it gave them motivation and 11 agreed that they managed to follow up on their plans.

Mariette Aanensen, University of Agder, Norway
Gerd Martina Langeland, Lillesand Upper Secondary School, Norway
May Olaug Horverak, Birkenes Learning Centre, Norway

About the Presenter(s)
Dr May Olaug Horverak is a School Administrator at Birkenes municipality in Norway

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