The Spread of Information about the Conflict Between Ukraine and Russia on Twitter: An Analysis of Spokesperson (70793)

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Session Chair: Thomas Endres

Friday, 22 September 2023 09:30
Session: Session 1
Room: Gracia
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Over the past year, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has generated serious fissures in political, economic, and security systems that represent growing threats to global stability and also raise further questions. Under such a circumstance, the spread of information about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia on SNS is having a significant impact on economic losses and social decision-making. What role do the media play in influencing public opinion on such matters? In this study, we investigated how the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has become a social topic in the world, and how it has been discussed. In order to determine what kind of impact it had on people, we collected and analyzed English tweets containing words related to the spokesperson of Russia, Ukraine, China, G7 and the UN, during the conflict between Ukraine and Russia on Twitter. First, we analyzed the bias of users who tweeted. As a result, it is clear that the bias of users are most interested in the spokesperson of the US government, and there is not much discussion about the spokespersons of other G7 countries. And we find the volume of data increased and decreased during the one year after the start of the conflict, before and after the main events. In addition, we analyzed the emotional words included in tweets to analyze how people feel about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The results show that the occurrence of a particular social event can change the emotions expressed on social media.

Xiaoxue Liu, Nagoya University, Japan
Tatsuhiro Yamamoto, Nagoya University, Japan

About the Presenter(s)
LIU Xiaoxue is a doctoral student of the Graduate School of Informatics at Nagoya University. Her work focuses specifically on the political communication, and rhetoric in times of crisis, public diplomacy strategy, and their impact on the public.

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